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Should you experience back pain after heavy deadlifts?

Short answer... NO.

Any exercise performed with poor form risks a high chance of injury and a lot of discomfort during and/or after. Therefore care should be taken to perfect form before loading up on the weight, always aim for quality over quantity.

Conventional Deadlifts place high levels of activation on the Erector Spinae (the muscles and tendons of the spine), however you should NOT experience huge discomfort after performing this exercise.

So if you are experiencing pain, then you probably need to sort your form out. Next time you attempt Deadlifts follow this checklist:

- Keep the bar close (bar stays as close as possible for full movement)

- Brace core

- Stabilise shoulders and engage lats (pinch shoulder blades together and lock out elbows BEFORE lifting)

- Push feet away from the ground (treat it like a push exercise rather than a pull)

- Use your glutes (Squeeze at the top of the movement)

- Finish upright (Knees locked out and full hip extension)

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